Tim Elwell Piano Tuning


Normally a piano should be tuned between periods of 6 months and 1 year (this depending upon the particular piano and the environment).

Where a piano has been regularly tuned and only one tuning (known as a fine tuning) is required, the fees are as follows:

Upright £65

Grand £70

However, where an instrument has been left un-tuned for a longer period, it is sometimes necessary to tune the piano more than once. This is in order to keep the piano at standard pitch (sometimes known as concert pitch) where A (above middle C) vibrates at 440 Hertz (or cycles per second). This is particularly important where any other instruments are played with the piano, or if someone is singing with a piano accompaniment, as well as for the tone which is optimized by having the piano at the correct pitch for which it was designed.

This is usually known as a pitch-raise and fine tune, and may require 2 or 3 tunings, sometimes even 4 tunings, in order to re-establish the correct pitch with tuning stability.

NB A Pitch-Raise is usually only needed on one occasion, and thereafter the piano should only require tuning (at 6 monthly, 9 monthly or yearly intervals) at the usually fee of £65 for an upright of £70 for a grand.

Pitch-Raises are usually undertaken all on the same visit, one straight after the other, unless otherwise requested by the customer.

Upright – 2 tunings £90

Grand – 2 tunings £95

Upright – 3 tunings £125

Grand – 3 tunings £130
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