Tim Elwell Piano Tuning

Maintaining Your Piano If your piano has already been affected by the negative impact of adverse environment, you may consider having your piano restored. However, if your piano is currently in apple pie order, it would be wise to keep it that way.

Thus, the main advice for you to hear is to keep your piano at temperatures which are moderate – say between around 62 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius) and 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius). Also, humidity levels are most important, so in addition to your thermometer you will need a humidity gauge – between 45% and 70% humidity is recommended. If the humidity is lower than 45% then place a pot-plant in the room, or a coffee jar filled with water in the bottom right-hand corner of an upright piano – you’ll need to keep that topped up every week. If the humidity is greater than 70% you’ll need to purchase a de-humidifier, switch it on and to empty it of water frequently – probably every three days or so!

So, keep your piano in moderate conditions, have it regularly tuned, keep it away from radiators, wood burning stoves and direct sunlight, and you will have an instrument that should last you your lifetime, and probably your children’s and grand-children’s lifetime.